We are more than just pig feed at Wallace Pork Systems, we are "the feed you need".
We pride ourselves on developing for you a quality, safe feed for your animal production needs in the swine, beef, dairy or poultry industry. In a world that is constantly changing and with a world population that continues to rise, we as agriculture are faced with a daunting task of raising economically sustainable food sources to address this need. We at Wallace Pork Systems take this charge seriously and welcome the opportunity to work with you in your operation to achieve your goals.
  • Medications, Feed Additives and Trace Elements - finer pieces to the overall diet that make it successful. We weigh, test, and handle these products with care down to the ounces to ensure accuracy for you the consumer and the ultimate palatability to your animals on this feed. 
  • Quality - we take samples on every load that gets dropped off and shipped out here at Wallace Pork, those samples are labeled and stored so that we can maintain accurate records and reports for our customers.

Truck Delivery

We can deliver both wet and dry feeds for our clients. We are equipped with auger stinger trailers and belt trailers to meet these needs and our drivers will work hard to get you your feed when you need it.